Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Marc Jacobs Trolley

Take a look at the Marc Jacobs Trolley roll-on! You are sure to be the envy of the fashionable jet setters awaiting their flights alongside you and your Marc Jacobs Trolley.This snazzy piece of luggage looks quite at home with your sleek sophistication and well honed style. Such an air of elegance as you saunter down the isle to your seat. Constructed in the classic Marc Jacobs style with luscious quilted leather and oversized gold hardware and zippers, your bag is a headturner! Now can you handle the agony of placing it in an overhead compartment? Can you sit patiently(and calmly) while the gent next to you vigorously tries to cram his well travelled roll-on next to yours? As much as I love the idea of this bag, I am not sure if I could maintain my composure. If you are the style maven that can handle the bag abuse this one is sure to see then head on over to www.BlueBee.com where it is available in black for$2650.

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