Friday, November 9, 2007

Marc Jacobs Cecillia

The Cecillia is from the upcoming Cruise Collection by Marc Jacobs. What a refreshing color! It is aptly named Papaya. Gazing at this bag has me fantasizing about warm weather, tropical beaches, far away places, fresh fruit daquaris....back to reality. The cold weather is just upon us and quite a ways until Spring. It is available for $1275 at for preorder. The ship date is January. Delivery would be just in time to pack for a trip to some exotic locale!

Jimmy Choo Riki and Ramona

Cruise 2007 Perforated Metallic Suede Riki $2295

Cruise 2007 Ramona Graphic Snake and Suede $3495

Autumn/Winter 07 Slick Leather Riki $1525

Autumn/Winter 07 Coarse Metallic Suede Riki $1495

Long after it's introduction into the world of celebrities(and then us mere mortals) and then followed by it's faded status as an "It Bag" , the Jimmy Choo Ramona and it's little sister the Riki are still going strong. Jimmy Choo has a knack for resurrecting this style each season. Just when you think it has seen it's final incarnation, the Riki is introduced yet again in a new leather, color, sheen, or texture, and with new embellishments. I am always very curious what the new version will look like. Sometimes the new combination is hugely tempting and sometimes it is downright laughable.It's slouchy hobo style is enhanced with rings and belting to create a casual bag with a certain sex appeal. It is an easy bag to wear with a myriad of styles. This is why I think the Ramona and Riki prevail today. The Autumn/Winter collection at Jimmy Choo had some nice choices. My personal favorites were the Slick Red Riki and the Coarse Metallic Suede Riki . Cruise was just introduced, and I fear it might be a rough one for the Riki and Ramona. What I have seen so far looks a tad overdone. All available at

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Who did you say the designer was of these savvy clutches?

It would be BCBG! My goodness, I was rather surprised to see these fashionable clutches designed by BCBG and offered starting at an affordable $138.00 for the Pewter Metallic Leather Clutch and topping out at $348.00 for the Quilted Leanna Foldover Clutch. BCBG is known for their hip young designs in the clothing world and it looks like their designs are translating well in the handbag arena. Head on over to to check these well priced clutches out and for even more selection visit

Tanner Krolle Eva

If you are in need of a large tote to schlep your life around in but have been in search of something more streamlined than the pervasive oversized sloppy tote, a Tanner Krolle Eva may be the ticket! The Eva is an oversized bag with structure and an undeniable sportiness. Details, details, this bag has the details! To start, the smooth grained leather is the perfect shade of tan that looks fab even when worn with black. Take a look at the top stitched leather banding, the contrasting dark woven handles,and the polished silver hardware. The Eva has a hook and bar closure that graces the front of the bag, as well as a strap that runs along the sides and secures at the opening for added protection when such is needed. Kudos to such a well designed and beautifully constructed tote. Dimensions are 15.5x14.75x7.75. Made in Italy and available at for $1995