Monday, November 5, 2007

Gucci Cruise 2008: A Preview



Pop Bamboo


Horsebit Nail

D Gold

After a couple of ho-hum seasons for me in respect to Gucci ,I see promise on the horizon. The last time I was drawn to the designs of Gucci was during the 85th Anniversary Collection. Gucci stayed with classic shapes, and I loved the hardware! Of late, with Gucci's introduction of the Indy and then the Aviatrix, I have wondered where all the talent has gone to at Gucci. Yes, I know...two words. Tom Ford. Well, I am pleasantly surprised by Cruise 2008. I just adore the Papillon clutches followed by the Horsebit Nail collection. The Pop Bamboo bags are very Gucci with a fresh perspective and a quirkiness that appeals to me. The D Gold collection is a more basic approach with nice shapes and colors. Not too fond of the patent though. I am disappointed by the Sabrina bags. Great styles, but there are distracting ruffles added to all of the bags! Why? The Queen line I will never warm up to. The hardware and imbelishments are just too contrived for me. All in all though, I am impressed with Cruise 2008.

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Julie said...

I really liked the gold D ring bag! I wrote it up on my bag blog Almost Packed.

BTW adding you to my blog roll!